Ignasi Aballí

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September 18, 2008 - October 24, 2008

For his first solo exhibition in Belgium Ignasi Aballí chose to show, next to a video, two important photo series. The first series, titled Manipulaciones, reproduces anonymous images from encyclopedias or technical photography handbooks. In these images one finds no esthetic value, because their sole role is the description of a frozen action. In the series Demostrar Aballí draws on the extensive iconography of this century. He collects press clippings and has cut out hundreds of pictures of persons showing something. Aballí forces the spectator to question oneself and to give meaning to an image without context. The showing itself becomes the subject of his work. 

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Demostrar VII, 2008 - Ignasi Aballí

Digital impression on photographic paper, 165 x 120 cm