Andrea Fogli

Journey to the center of the earth

September 18, 2008 - October 25, 2008

On view for the first time are Andrea Fogli's two series of work on paper, titled Journey to the center of the earth. These series can be interpreted as an intimate diary, permeated with soft melancholy. Fogli starts from old postcards which he paints in distemper and which illuminate the subjectivity of the dream. Returning themes refer to the myth of the lonely poet facing nature and its mysteries. With attention for the narrative structure the suspension in the space follows a rigorous chronology. That way it is possible to follow the feelings experienced by Fogli during the period in which he made these small paintings, which he names cartoline.

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Senza titolo (4), 2008 - Andrea Fogli

Tempera on postcard, 15 x 10 cm